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Customer Reviews

JOSHUA LEVINE: "I've had the WonderFlex pillow for about six months now, and it's wonderful because it's it supports me in all the right places. It doesn't get hot around my head, it breathes better than other pillows I've used in the past. The WonderFlex pillow is the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on." 

JOHN DEMAND: "It helps you with your posture and then it keeps you aligned and keeps you in a position that's particularly comfortable as well as the correct position for your neck and spine."

ELLIOT TRAINER: "When I first used the WonderFlex the first thing that I noticed was that I slept through the night and I didn't wake up. That was a big deal. You're able to bend it and mold the pillow into the, into the shape that you want."

SHANNON FRANKLIN: "After using the WonderFlex pillow I wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. It just makes such a difference to my day. The WonderFlex pillow is definitely the most comfortable pillow I've ever used."

CHRISTIE PHILIPS: "The WonderFlex is soft, but what's inside of it - which you can't feel - helps keep its shape. It's comfortable, and firm and soft at the same time."

KENNY DOBBS: "It is unbelievable. It was like they made that pillow for me. My life has absolutely changed. I'm sleeping seven, eight hours a night every night, and when I wake up I'm in such a good mood."

LORIANN OVERLIN: "With my old pillow I used to wake up many times during the night. And since using the WonderFlex I've not woken up at all - I've just slept through the night. And my sleep has been deeper and when I wake up in the morning I'm in a better mood."

RYAN BUDDS: "With the WonderFlex I'm not waking up at all. I'm sleeping sound throughout the night and it's really refreshing to wake up after a long night's sleep on a great pillow."

MICHAEL GALLAGHER: "The very first morning I woke up I felt great, I felt fantastic. It changed the way I sleep. Spending a third of your life in bed sleeping, you'd better make the right choices. Well I tried the pillow and absolutely love it. I sleep better now than I ever have."

ANDI HICKS: "Now that I'm sleeping on the WonderFlex pillow, I go to sleep right away. I don't toss and turn, I wake up on my back, nicely refreshed. It's nice to have a great night's sleep."

HUGH NEELY: "There are these air vents that go right through the pillow, and that keeps everything cool and yet comfortable. I recommend the WonderFlex pillow to all my friends because it has just the right amount of support and you just feel so good when you wake up."

DALE HUDSON: "The first night I used the pillow I slept like a baby. I was so refreshed. What I really, really liked about it was the softness of the pillow. It gives me comfort no matter what angle I sleep: on my back, on my side, on my stomach. I'm very happy with this pillow."

KAREN LEABO: "My quality of sleep is better with the WonderFlex. Any doctor will tell you that sleeping soundly and getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health."