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WonderFlex® Website FAQ’s 
What sizes are the WonderFlex pillow available?
WonderFlex pillows come in Standard, Queen and King size for your bed. There is also a smaller, compact travel pillow available.

What is the WonderFlex pillow made of?
The WonderFlex Pillow is made of highest-quality memory foam, providing supreme comfort and support. The internal structure is carbon based and coated in plastic for protection. The pillowcase is a double-jacquard fabric with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial agents to protect you from allergic materials and microbes. 

Why is the shipping extra? 
 Regular pillows made of inexpensive materials can weigh around 1 pound. The WonderFlex however, is made of durable and dense foam and contains an internal structure. Each WonderFlex pillow weighs around 4 or 5 pounds and is carefully packed to protect it. We also send your order via UPS 3-Day Shipping for safety and your convenience.

Can I buy just one WonderFlex Pillow through this website?
The regular price of one standard WonderFlex Pillow is $159 plus shipping and can be obtained through sites like This site only offers the 2-for-1 deal as advertised in our commercial.

Can the WonderFlex be used for children and infants?
WonderFlex works great for children. However, we suggest you instruct them carefully on how to use it. We recommend small infants not use any type of foam pillow.

Can I use a regular pillowcase with the WonderFlex?
Yes, any appropriately sized pillowcase can be used on your WonderFlex Pillow. (Standard, Queen or King sizes) This way you can maintain the décor in your bedroom and have multiple options for colors and textures. We recommend you remove the included WonderFlex pillow case before putting on your own case. 

What kind of Guarantee and Warranty comes with WonderFlex products? 
The WonderFlex comes with our 60-night money-back guarantee. Feel free to return it for any reason if you don’t love it. You will receive a full refund of your purchase price, less any shipping and processing charges. We also give a 10-Year replacement warranty. If the WonderFlex Pillow is defective simply contact customer service to arrange for a replacement to be sent to you. This warranty covers the original owner of the product. Shipping and processing charges apply.

There are so many ways to position the WonderFlex. How do I know which one is best for me?
Since everybody has a personalized sleeping style, and needs, we suggest you experiment with different positions when first using your WonderFlex Pillow. You can bend and shape your WonderFlex Pillow into the position that provides the best support and is most comfortable for you. The WonderFlex has limitless applications and positions.

Is this pillow for side, back, or stomach sleepers? 
The WonderFlex Pillow was designed for all types of sleepers and body dimensions. With its multiple adjustment options, everybody can conform the WonderFlex Pillow for individualized support and comfort for the ultimate sleep experience.

Can the WonderFlex be bent into a wrong position? 
You can bend and shape your WonderFlex Pillow into a limitless variety of positions. We suggest you avoid positions that you feel could put you in an uncomfortable position or block your breathing.

I have allergies. Is the WonderFlex okay for me?
Yes, the WonderFlex Pillow is hypoallergenic and contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents. If you have a specific allergy to foam products then consult your physician before using the WonderFlex Pillow.

What sizes does the WonderFlex come in?
Standard Size:  23 x 5 x 16 inches, weight: 3.7 pounds
Queen Size:  27 x 5 x 16 inches, weight: 4.5 pounds
King Size: 32 x 5 x 16 inches, weight: 5.3 pounds
Travel Pillow:  24 x 2.5 x 6 inches, weight: 1.8 pounds

Can I feel the internal structure inside the WonderFlex pillow? 
No. It is deeply embedded into the durable memory foam; deep enough to provide support while the user will not feel their presence.

Can you wash the WonderFlex Pillow? 
The WonderFlex pillowcase can be removed and put in a washing machine and dryer. The Pillow itself may be spot washed by hand. Due to the internal structure of the WonderFlex we do not recommend that you attempt to place the pillow in a washing machine or submerge it in water.

Tell me more about the Travel pillow.
WonderFlex offers a travel pillow to make certain you maintain proper neck and spinal alignment when traveling, or sitting for long periods. It offers an exceptional proprietary design that conforms to your head and neck, has shoulder cradles to maintain position, pockets for keys or your smart phone, and a soft durable cover. Additionally, the WonderFlex Traveler can be placed on top of your hotel pillow – to give you additional support.

Tell me more about the Mattress Topper.
While our pillow takes care of your head and neck, an improper mattress can wreak havoc on your body. That’s why we encourage you to try our of luxurious 3 inch memory foam Mattress Topper. Its CrossMatrix ventilation system guarantees you an ultimate, cooling night’s sleep. A must have item to complete your WonderFlex sleeping system. They are available in Twin, Queen and King sizes.

Tell me more about the Deluxe Satin Pillow Case.
The luxurious satin pillowcase is designed to fit your WonderFlex pillow and are available in Standard, Queen and King sizes. In addition to feeling like royalty, satin has the added benefit of feeling cool to the touch, helping to smooth your skin, reduce moisture buildup and be gentler on your hair. Two satin cases come in each set.

What are the main features of the WonderFlex?
The WonderFlex Pillow offers a variety of unique and beneficial features. The #1 feature is its ability to bend and shape to provide customizable support for your head and neck, and it will remain in that position until ‘you decide’ to re-shape or re-position it.  Regular pillows collapse as soon as your head rests on them, potentially causing compression and damage to your muscles, nerves and spinal vertebra. The WonderFlex Pillow offers consistent support, never deviating from the position you put it in.

I toss and turn all night with my regular pillow. Will this help me?
Yes, through intensive sleep-lab studies, and user testimonials, the WonderFlex Pillow has been shown to reduce tossing and turning by up to 48%, while also boosting the deepest most rejuvenating phases of sleep, called REM and Restorative Sleep. Both of these sleep periods are essential for us to recover from our previous days work, replenish energy levels, and boost overall mental and physical health.

I always wake up with neck pain. How can the WonderFlex help? WonderFlex Pillow was designed to support and maintain proper skeletal integrity and alignment, especially to the cervical vertebrae of the neck. Designed with a unique Cranial-Cervical Channel, your head and neck are completely supported throughout your entire sleep experience.

My wife likes the U-shaped position, while I enjoy the saucer-shaped position. Which one of us right?
The WonderFlex Pillow was designed with everybody in mind. This patented product offers individualized conformability allowing you to bend it and shape it into positions specific to your body style and needs. Everybody will have his or her own ‘favorite’ position. The WonderFlex Pillow is fun and healthy to sleep with.